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dead man walking incense

From beyond the Atlantic, Dead Man Walking 4G is another very intensive herbal incense blend in our range. The strength of the fragrance can be compared very well with the herbal mixture Joker. It is as intense as it is long-lasting. When you mild up a dish of DEAD MAN WALKING INCENSE you’ll locate your self being immersed in a a dense and mysterious world. Experience the glow of heightened recognition because the musky aromas penetrate the private corners of your thoughts.

Dead Man Walking Incense has masses of punch to wonder even the skilled consumer of natural potpourri and trippy flip. You will float away on an ever intensifying cloud of sensual smells as you permit general rest take over your thoughts and body. When you mild a dish of DEAD MAN WALKING INCENSE and k2 spice diablo you’ll embark on a non secular adventure of sights, sounds, and sensations at some point of aroma therapy. It’s an revel in that leaves you with a very new factor to existence and wash away all the ones terrible feelings. Are you prepared to revel in Dead Man Walking Incense ? It involves you, introduced in sealed packets to make certain a sparkling durable burn each time. Pick out a packet nowadays and experience all of the fine that nature has to offer!

Mad monkey incense

The Mad Monkey 4g Herbal incense has been becoming one of the most popular legal highs on the market now.It offers different features, which are loved by users from around the world. The herbal incense is also from a known maker in the industry. By choosing the Mad Monkey, users can look forward to a pleasant aroma burning experience. and also we care about your safty and security thats why we only offer overnight discreet shipping


We’re proud to offer this strong herbal incense at Express Highs! You must try it if you’re trying to calm your senses and feel relaxed after a hard day’s work. You can also depend on it if you’re looking to spread the good vibes in the surroundings.

Express Highs, however, recommend using the Mad Monkey and soaked paper in an open and well-ventilated space. Avoid misusing it for your safety. Also, we’d like to emphasize that it is not meant for human consumption.

Keep the party alive! Feel good and experience a pleasant effect by burning herbal incense. Burn it and change your aura. It can deliver effects that can last for hours. But then, you should take it seriously when  buying herbal incense in Florida ! It is not for the faint-hearted. We suggest using only a small amount of it to gauge your capacity and its effects on you. Take note, however, this product is not for smoking, ingestion or human consumption.

The Mad Monkey Herbal Incense is popular because of the positive energy that it delivers our customers, who are experiencing some blows and hardships in their lives. They are also using it to relax and calm down from their daily pressures and grind. If you’re looking to achieve positive vibes, burn the herbal incense and transform a negative into positive aura.

Ever seen a Crazy Monkey? Not sure. But this product takes you out of space and into the Galaxy. It’s also very potent with a strong Scent and Aroma. Mad Monkey Herbal Incense is a great product and is strongly recommended and it can be shipped to all 50 states in the US.

Before offering the Mad Monkey in our store, our team has tested it to ensure that it will satisfy our wide customer base. We can guarantee that it’s made without any fillers and additives and is only from the finest herbal ingredients.

california dreams incense

California Dreams Herbal Incense 4g.This is a potpourri spice that’s very near and dear to the Synthetic Incense team,because this K2 Spice Incense was inspired and developed right here by our own staff at Dabbers online Shop! Most of our staff members originally grew up in the state of California.


Before we decided to expand and follow our dreams to jewel in the desert,LAS VEGAS,NV, we had to pay homage to our much loved herbal base CA. Even the Mama’s $ Papa’s – California Dreamin’ helped shape the inspiration behind this herbal incense! We love to dream big here at FHI.

Brainfreeze Herbal Incense

Brainfreeze Herbal Incense, This is one of the demanded herbal incense in the market, a lot of people get frighten by the name,  and also get to ask a lot of question before buying this products. if you are new and it your first to come across Brainfreeze we advice you contact our customer service for more guide on how to consumer this product. Please do not wast your time trying to order this on infant website as they are going to miss lead you and also you will be missing out the quality. always check the website domain name before buying from them. we have been in this field for more than 10 years and we all the experience and also we get our supplies directly from the manufacturers.

If you try this herbal potpourri, you’ll be in for a super-strong, long-lasting mood-enhancing surprise unlike any other before or since!

You don’t want to miss out on this premier herbal extract.

Brain freeze herbal incense potpourri is back. This herbal blend created from some of the worlds rarest and finest herbal incense plants and herbal extracts in herbal labs by highly educated herbal scientist. This is a product inferior to none and is defiantly superior to all.


That is why,Brainfreeze potpourri is pretty potent, a few hits and you’ll feel it good. It was a very smooth high that was strong but not too intense. The effect lasted for around 45 minutes in total, coming on strong at first and slowly tapering off.

We strongly advise all our customers to looking into the side-effects 

Consumers who have these products in their possession are strongly advised to dispose of them immediately, Health Canada said, adding that legal action can be taken against the seller and consumers who have these products in their possession.

According to a release Thursday, these products are believed to be smoked by consumers for their cannabis-like effects, despite the fact that they are often labelled as “not for human consumption.”


Buy Kush Herbal Incense ; it’s miles the freshest alternative in today’s fragrance market. When you pick Kush, you get the pleasant combination of dried herbs. With a healing aroma so that it will depart you comfortable and absolutely at peace. Even after the maximum disturbing day on the office. This incense is a heavenly infusion of dried lemon balm, Mullein leaves, ardour flower, Indian spice, California poppy, wild lettuce, and hops.


The aroma is a smooth calming heady fragrance that you may come to crave whilst you want to unwind after a protracted day. Whether you’re a university scholar searching out a manner to unwind after very last exams. or you’re a busy expert that desires a manner to lessen your paintings associated stress. Kush Herbal Incense is the solution you’ve got got been looking for. Instead of looking hours of thoughts numbing tv or turning to unlawful substances. Let Kush incense wash away your cares and flip even the busiest day right into a retreat in paradise.

You can choose the Kush heady fragrance that evokes you maximum. Some of the maximum famous aromas are strawberry, melon, and blueberry, however the spice alternatives are actually endless. This is an inexpensive manner to make your property scent candy and your frame experience comfortable. When you order Kush natural incense, put together to be amaze. You will scent the candy aroma as quickly as you crack open the bag! Whether you’re a rookie incense consumer or you’re rather revel in with natural spices. Kush has a degree so that it will paintings for you. It’s simply one of the pleasant incense merchandise ever launch to the public

Disclaimer: Designed strictly for use by persons 18 & over. Any use of this product other than as aromatherapy is prohibited and is the sole responsibility of the consumer

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